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Florida Women's Center, Inc. - Dr. Patrick Kelly
Dr. Patrick Kelly
Florida Women's Center, Inc. - Dr. Patrick Kelly

Professional Abortion Services and
        Gynecology Care in Jacksonville, Florida

Professional Abortion Services and
        Gynecology Care in Jacksonville, Florida

Florida Women's Center, Inc. - Dr. Patrick KellyNARAL Pro-Choice America

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Professional Abortion Services and Gynecology Care in Jacksonville Florida

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Professional Abortion Services and Gynecology Care in Jacksonville FloridaFlorida Women's Center's Jacksonville location has established itself in the medical community as one of the most private, reliable, and professionally run medical practices in North Florida providing abortion services, abortion information, and confidential women's gynecologic health care. Our mission has always been to provide patients with only the most confidential women's medical care and safe medical or surgical abortion options when faced with the decision to terminate a pregnancy. In our facility, patients are able to know who the physician providing their care when the make their appointments to give them the assurance that they are being cared for by only experienced, fully licensed, and experienced medical doctors.  Our staff of experienced physicians provides physician-only medical care to allow patients the option of obtaining a safe abortion procedure without having to face the many past burdens, fears, frustrations, and lack of privacy associated with going to many standard abortion clinics. Our physicians are involved in every aspect of our patient's care to assure their well-being and safety, being present in the facility from the beginning of the care to the end.  We use only the most modern techniques and medicines to provide the most pleasant environment and experience possible for women seeking our specialized care.
We recognize how important privacy is at this time and are able to offer private services in our facility location in the Samuel Wells Medical Complex of Memorial Hospital in Jacksonville. The Samuel Wells Medical Complex is a completely private medical complex with no public areas, making our practice one of the most private available in our area. This desirable location allows patients obtain confidential women's care and abortion services in a private doctor's office environment, by private doctors who are known for their compassion and skill at providing safe abortions.  At Florida Women's Center, we provide abortion options the way women deserve.  With dignity, privacy, understanding, and safety.

Our services include:

  • Gynecology services and minor office surgery 
  • Yearly pap exams, colposcopy, and LEEP procedures
  • All STD diagnosis and treatment
  • Family planning advice, information, and counseling
  • Surgical and medical abortion services and related procedures ranging from 3 through 20 weeks.
  • All birth control options, Depo injections, and IUDs
  • Pregnancy testing and diagnosis
  • Gestational and diagnostic ultrasounds